Technology Proficiency: Popplet

My artifact demonstrates not only the Popplet skills I have developed, but also how this technology tool can further be utilized by myself and my students in and out of the classroom. In creating this particular Popplet, I exhibited learned abilities to make, edit, rearrange, move, and delete popples, change color and text, add images and videos, and connect, interact, and present the popples. I also have visualized the mind-mapping process by expanding the popple web from broad application to specific examples. After identifying the purpose for my popplet, I identified three areas of application: planning, teaching, and learning.

I can use Popplet to formulate short term daily or weekly lesson plans and activities or loosely brainstorm and map long-term curriculum ideas. As I plan ahead for lessons, timing, and content, Popplet allows me to visualize my thoughts and organize, add, and rearrange as necessary. When teaching, Popplet can be used to demonstrate brainstorming and mind-mapping techniques to my students, introduce or review key characters and concepts, and visualize assignment instructions. My examples include a class compare and contrast activity, character web, and journal prompt instructions. Lastly, students can utilize Popplet for learning through independent or collaborative, group Popplet creations and presentations.

One of the most valuable aspects of Popplet is the ability for students to synchronously or asynchronously work together on Popplets and develop presentations. This means in and out of class students can collaborate and easily view what and how their peers are contributing. While some of my examples are more specific and partially portrayed than others, this aligns with the flexibility Popplet affords in the classroom. This tool prompts myself and my students to construct generalizations and progressively develop and build upon our initial ideas and understanding. This is further amplified through the ability to make visual connections and incorporate multiple medias which is why I look forward to integrating Popplet in my planning, instruction, and activities.

You can view an image of my Popplet artifact below or follow the link to interact with the elements of my Popplet: http://popplet.com/app/#/5224037

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