As a college and career advisor for high school students and college students, I assembled websites and tiles to reflect the following categories: College, Career, and Military resources, Financial Aid, Student Accounts, Skill-Building Resources and Study Materials & Test Prep. These are the most commonly addressed topics in my work and the websites I chose are utilized on a daily to regular basis by myself and my students. Since students are to enroll, enlist, or be employed upon graduating high school, the tiles and folders primarily focus on providing informational and exploratory resources. Additionally, the tiles provide tools in further achieving students’ chosen paths through financial means, skill-building and study materials. The college folder is perhaps the most comprehensive since the majority of my students choose to enroll, however, all folders will likely grow over time and much of the content in designated groups overlaps with other categories. These tiles are as much for me as for my students. I can quickly access and share the resources with my students, but I can also utilize them to develop instructional content and stay up to date with application procedures. In the coming months, I plan to continue to add tiles and sub-categories, further extending and highlighting the valuable content each tile represents.


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